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creative spaces working group


maureen kellen-taylor, phd   

group chair


•       Encourage change in individuals through emotional responses to images and music.

•       Remind about the beauty of the natural world.

•       Offer hope while warning about the causes and effects of climate change.

•       Collaborate with other working groups to involve new audiences.

Contact Maureen Kellen-Taylor:

Next Meeting: TBA

The Creative Spaces group meets bi-monthly. Details for our next meeting will be announced soon. Meetings are open to members of our group. Please consider joining our group and participating!

Members of the Creatives group are currently involved in individual work and collaborations.

Our first two collaborations were musical works in a Blues series:

1. Shingle Mountain Blues: an environmental justice music video publicizing a toxic dump in Dallas (Dan Green and Ryan Hamilton)

Shingle mtn slide.png

2. Climate Change Blues - SeptemberSong: a multimedia arts piece on the fires on the West Coast -in process (Marya Salman, Dan Green, Maureen Kellen-Taylor)

Climate Change Blues.png

Also in process, climate change songs, a piece on the importance of bees and a parable for children.

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