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faith based working group

The faith based working group recognizes that there is a significant opportunity for outreach to communities of faith in the DFW area to further the goals of our Climate Reality chapter. 


1. Present material about the climate crisis and the urgent need for action to communities of faith through messaging that is tailored to the beliefs and values of each community. 

2. Meet with church/ synagogue/ mosque community leaders and staff to identify opportunities to make buildings and operations "green" by adopting more sustainable practices in plant/facility management.

3. Offer education of daily, local, and global actions for members of a faith organization to enhance their action(s) towards Creation Care. 

Contact Paula Day:

Contact Kelly Longfellow:

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paula day

group co-chair


kelly longfellow

group co-chair

Next Meeting: January 31st at 2pm CST

contact Paula Day for the Zoom link

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