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creative spaces working group

We are all creative - sometimes without realizing how.

Creative strategies are necessary to address the complexities of our Climate Crisis. It is exciting to collaborate and encourage each other. Group members often come up with new ideas that combine different skills and experience (Shingle Mountain Blues).

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We encourage different ways of storytelling-
through music, poetry, visual arts, performance and more.

This is a retired fisherman’s story

The different creative forms can evoke, encourage, emphasize feeling responses

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We know that people’s behavior changes in response to emotions. Therefore, we work to:

  • Strengthen human relationships with Nature

  • Imagine the world we need to have for our survival.

  • Encourage change in behaviors.

  • Express scientific data in terms of human feelings.

  • Have fun collaborating with other groups.

Our group is intergenerational and inclusive. Different constructive perspectives are welcome. We honor participation subject to work and school deadlines.

Group meets 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM

Please RSVP Maureen Kellen-Taylor, Ph.D. at


maureen kellen-taylor, phd 

group chair

Current Members

Beth - Directing, Writing, Acting

Dan - Guitar playing, Composing, Soundtracks, Video-making

Ida - Visual arts, photography, video/film-making

Ishrita - Visual Arts, Piano, Theatre

Martin - Creativity Research, Organizational Change, Psychology

Maureen - Visual Arts, Expressive Arts Therapy, Writing, 

Ryan - Electronic Music: Composing, Playing, Singing, Poetry, Bee-keeping

Saylah - Songwriting, Singing.

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